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Introduction ENSS, Jharkhand

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The Ekal Nari Sashakti Sangathan is An State Level Association of Empowered Women Living Alone in Jharkhand, which has come a long way since its inception in 2005. The Association of Empowered Women leaving Alone (Ekal Nari Sashakti Sangathan, Jharkhand) ENSS, Jharkhand was formed. It encompasses widows, separated, divorced, aged single women (unmarried), Wife of persons with special ability & life prisoners and spinsters that are rendered single. It’s a true that patriarchal social system discriminates and marginalizes women as a whole but this class of Single Women was in more ways than one. The vulnerability of the single women is linked intricately to the lack of security, powerlessness and their unusual dependence on the male members of the family. In women’s perspective we well understood that the deserted, widows, divorcees, spinster’s single mother, aged unmarried women etc. are singled out and ostracized from the social mainstream.


ENSS, Jharkhand always promotes members to fight for their rights and make critical differences in their own life. Last year mostly by enhanced their leadership quality and legal knowledge. To enhance their knowledge we organized leadership training on different issues like RTI, Land, and property Rights & Livelihood skill for their economic enhancement. Due right based work it is necessary to organized them for their entitlements as well as assess benefits of Govt. Schemes not as mercy or sympathy but as their fundamental rights. SHARC believe on right based work and it’s necessary to organized them for their entitlements as well as assess benefits of Govt. Schemes as their fundamental rights.

Because our works are right based and right based work always depend on membership quantity as well as leadership quality. Then organization built its capacity to raises their voice for entitlements as well as assesses benefits of Govt. Schemes as their fundamental rights. During reporting period of 1 year newly enrolled members are 1184 and achieved membership up to 28526 in 35 blocks up to June 2021.  Most important achievement in reporting year which made critical differences in People’s lives was hereunder:

Our Activities

1 Work done during Lockdown:-


Due to lockdown venerable communities were more effected as previous year up to sept.2020 and from 22nd of April 21 to  24th June 21. Behind our regular work we focused on badly lcovid-19 affected single women along with other few disabled persons. 582 families selected by panchayat leaders of the 23 blocks of 12 districts with the financial support by APF (Azim Prem Ji Foundation. We provided 43 K.G each total Rs. 9 lacs dry rations at panchayat level as well door step to whom, who unable to come at panchayat Secretariate.  


2. Panchayat Committee Meeting :-


Due to lockdown bane on gathering meetings so, panchayat committee meeting disturbed July–September 2020.After Oct.20 it started regularly up to April 21 and again  in June 21  total  477 panchayat meeting and confersnces performed with participation of 7038  members.

Panchayat Meet.png

3. Block Committee Meeting: -

 During reporting period total 314 meetings organized with total 7872 participants. Discussion made on different issues e.g. :-

  • Confirmation and verification of last meeting

  • Reporting of Panchayat leaders

  • New membership drive & data of Membership fee,

  • Benefits of Govt. Scheme

  • Cases solved and on process

  • Financial Empowerment of Organization and Saving for local programmes,

  • New Panchayat Committees formation through Panchayat Conference, 

  • Discussion on local  problems and issues,

  • Organizing 100 billion raising, IWD

  • Land Literacy Training Etc.

Main decisions taken during meeting are as follows:-

  • Regular meeting of Panchayat committee and formation of surveyed Panchayat committee through Panchayat Conference.

  • Saving at Panchayat committee level for Financial Empowerment of Organization and Saving for local programmes.

  • Discussion on local problems and issues and process of solution. Formation of inquairy & investigation of cases.

  • On line Application for Ration Cards for those lac of it.

  • Contact officials for pending Pension

  • 100 billion rising organized in most of the Blocks with participation of general member’s women and girls.

  • 5 land literacy training Planned for panchayat leaders.

Block Meet.png
Block Meet 2.png

4. State Committee Meeting:-


During %-One state committee organized on and from 2nd -3rd of February 21 at BITM, Arsandey, Kanke Ranchi with the participation of 51 members. Leelawati Devi the President of ENSS, Jharkhand presided the meeting. Discussion made on works done by the block leaders, Problem face by them as well as achievements.

5. Core Committee Meeting :- 


Core Committee Meeting organized on 4th-5th of February 21 at BITM, Arsandey, Kanke, Ranchi with the participation of total 19 members along with support team. Leelawati Devi the President of ENSS, Jharkhand presided the meeting. Decision taken for organizing programmes decided during state committee as follows-

  1. For preparation of registration of ENSS, Jharkhand a short meeting to be organized for discussion on process as well as byelaws formation.

  2. Promote members for regular saving for the financial strengthening of the organization.

  3. Organization organized 3 programmes on their own sources

a) 1 billion rising on 14th of February 21, b) IWD from 8th of March to 17th of March 21.

  1. Organization decided to oppose 3 Farmers Act 2020 passed during Lockdown by the Central Govt. and a Memorandum sent to the President of India.

Core Committe.png

6- Membership Drive: -


During reporting period 1184 members enrolled during Panchayat conferences as well as Panchayat Committee Meetings. As organization regularly surveyed door to door during membership drive membership reached up to 28526.    

7- Benefits of Govt. Schemes: - 


Various Govt. Schemes run by Central as well as State Govts. But in lack of knowledge and proper information venerable and disadvantage communities unable to assess the benefits of the Govt. Schemes. But after formation and empowerment of the organization Leaders of the organization pressurized officials to provide proper benefits to the needy as well as economically marginalized families and members. Due to regular training and awareness Panchayat Leaders informed each other and jointly approaches to the related officials and assess benefits as their fundamental rights. During reporting period total 1986 applications deposited for various schemes and out of that 2348 benefited with pending applications  in which 1254 applications are of Social security Pension and benefited 385 worth Rs 6,98,00,000 out of Grand Total 10,30,62,900/ in monetary value.  

Benefits Of Govt Scheme.png

8 Initiatives and Solution of Problems of Single Women:


Organization discussed on Initiatives and process documentation during Panchayat as well as Block Committee meetings. During reporting period 82 cases registered and out of which 32 were solved with the help of local intellectuals & PRI representatives.  Organization always tries to solve cases of Single Women out of Police station and Court due to its lengthy, full of harassment and critical process. No one single woman survives in this process of the Police administrations as they built it so critical and biased mindset as well as corruption. Always Muscles and middlemen were tried to harass women living alone.    

Initiave & Solu.png

9 Livelihood Promotion:-


We already known that mostly members of the organization were illiterate or little literate organization tried literate few members yearly but last 2 years due to covid-19 unable to continue our campaign. So, they work differently for their livelihood. Organization always promotes members for their livelihood. Reporting year 917 members promote for Animal Husbandry, self employment, Cottage skill works as well as Govt. supported work worth monitoring value of Rs. 1, 34, 58,416. For these works they do not need any type of extra technical training. But as per available training sources we tried to train them.      

Livelihood Promotion.png

10 PME (Planning, Monitoring Evaluation Meeting):-


During reporting year 4 physical meeting and 1 online google meet due to price rise of  travel and other. During PME reporting from field  work, planning of next and evaluation of work Performed. After discussion programmes Organized as per decision taken during state

and Core Committee. 


11 Capacity Building Training:-


Organization organized Capacity Building Training for Block Coordinators as well as other staffs at BITM, Arsanday, Kanke, Ranchi on and from 28th to 30th December 2020 with 32 participants.

Objective of the workshop:-

  • To enhanced capacity of the Block Coordinators as well as other staffs to empowered organization’s performance in their work, Strategy preparation for Sustainability of the organization as well as enhanced legal knowledge of the leaders.  

  • Well equipped them with strategy for the rights Single Women.

  • Capacity Building of staffs with different knowledge.     

  • Comments of participants after training are as follows:-

  • Refresh history of the organization

  • Learn report writing of meeting

  • Case taking and its process for solution

  • Learning for Dialogues with different stake Holders for Single Women Issues

  • Knowledge of MANREGA Act.

  • Labour registration and its benefits

  • Minutely Learn regarding Ration, pension scheme and its process.

  • Enhanced knowledge about better organizational work at Panchayat level.

capacity building.png

12 Finalization of Study on Assessment of Land Rights of Women in Jharkhand (WRL in Jharkhand):-


SHARC with the technical support of LANDESA and financial support from OAK Foundation A Research work for “Assessment of Land Rights of Women in Jharkhand” performed. It takes more time than scheduled one due to Covid-19. But over all we successfully completed our research for assessment on the issue of Land for Women in Jharkhand mostly focused on Tribal Women due to their traditional mindset. ENSS, Jharkhand play a prominent and important role in research work all over Jharkhand 

We take case studies from all 5 regions e.g. 1. North Chotanagpur, 2. South Chotanagpur, 3. Kolhan 4. Palamau and 5. Santhalpargna.We takes 5 cases each region and total 37 case Studies. In which most were narrated as a problem and few were success case studies. Besides these case studies we also virtually contact CSOs representatives, Advocates, PRI representatives, Traditional leaders Revenue Officials. For the research on Assessment of Women’s Land Rights in Jharkhand we also organized Physical face to face -one to one conversation in Khunti, East Singhbhum, Hazaribag and Santhalpargana with the help of our Field Leaders as w ell as Communities leaders.  In short our assessment shows that Women’s Land Rights is not in Jharkhand but all over live universe main cause of Violence on Women. Not only violence on women but all atrocities on women, when she became single by any how, she had have to face as such situations. So, Its Title says its content “THIS IS NOT YOUR HOME””YEH GHAR TUMHARA NAHI HAI”. Both books were printed for share to the different Stake Holders.  We also distribute medical kits of 192 PULSE Oximeter and Thermometer within the ENSS leaders, PRI members, Sahiya and selected Block Coordinator at Boarijore, Block of Godda District and Sadar Block of Hazaribag District where we plan to work on WRL


13 Participation in Network Meeting:  


Members, Staffs as well as Secretary cum Director and     Team Leader participated online of likeminded Forum, Campaign Study Centre’s. During reporting period we participated with meetings of “Right to Food Campaign, Jharkhand Jana Adhikar Mahasabha, NAPM, SUMNet, RUP (Ranchi Urban Partner), ITDP and Women Study Centre, Ranchi University to raise issues of Single Women time to time during lockdown and shre situation with each other and planning made for solution of the problems faces by single women. We also morally support Farmers Agitation running long but the Central Govt. ignore their demands and forcibly convinced them that the act introduced during lockdown is in favour of them while they reject the Act totally.

Women Study Centre, Ranchi University organized a online discussion on the Issues “Single Women and Indian Society”. Dr. Binni, Secretary cum Director ENSS, Jharkhand and Team Leader Nibha Sinha participated as Resource Person. Participants from all over India and 45 Research Scholar Students participated during conversation. During Conversation Concept of Single Women clarify by both resource persons. 

SHARC with another National Network SUMNet working for the cause of “Pedestrians Equal Road Rights” During reporting period few physical and 3 online meetings at Ranchi different stake Holders. We also a part of Ranchi Urban Partners and assessment made on Ranchi Urban Plan with ITDP, MHT, SRIJAN etc. Its make wider space for ENSS as well as leaders of the organization to raise their voice on wider platform. 

Participation in networking.png

14 Publication of IEC Materials:


For dissemination information’s related to Govt. Schemes, different Laws, introduction and structure of the organization SHARC published folders time to time. During this year published 2 folders one on Introduction

            ENSS, Jharkhand another on MNREGA.

15 Dialogue with Administrative Officials:-


SHARC always promote ENSS, Jharkhand team for continuous effort to add members with Govt. schemes and identify and collect problems of Single women to rise as issues at different level before officials through dialogue. In this continuation we prepared a 9 point charted of Demand by State Committee in which 3 Farmer’s bill 2020 is one of them and it sent to “President of India”. It also sent to Chief Minister through Block Development Officer on the eve of IWD.

Dialongue with admisnist.png

16 Billion Rising:-


As we well known women all over universe even to day suffering from different issues that can’t analysis. Although Women headed and women friendly organizations continuously and untidily raise voices against atrocities. So, Leaders & women of ENSS, Jharkhand organized railly, and Meetings to rise voice at Block on 14th February 21 against Violence on Women as well as others because Violence with any creature of the Nature is inhuman. Participant’s members and other women hold Banners and card boards written slogans on it.  Stop Violence? No more we ignore it? They also singing song “Mardo se hum kam na rahenge, Yedi adhikar baraber do” Total 32 raily and Meeting organized with 2488 participants with their own resources. 

Billion rising.png

17 Land Literacy Training:-


SHARC by working long with different issues of single women and got experience that all sufferings of the Single Women’s root cause is Land & Property Right’s. We also learnt that Females of the any family even all males not well known about land records as well as to show the land map and its measurement. Elders of the family or Clever educated Brothers keep all records in their own hand. When any one needed asks to them. If their relation better then He cooperate although denied or say he not knows. Then question arises how can a female of Single women assess the record? So, we decided to enhance their land related knowledge to show the land Map and record and its types as well as if she lands less then how can they assess land for their livelihood and home. So, reporting year 3 land literacy training organized during the year. Garhwa Sadar at Jatta Panchayat Secretariat on and from 12th to 14th Feb.21, Banaso Panchayat Secretariat, Bishnugarh, Hazaribag on and from 5th to 7th march 21, Kenduwa, Panchayat Secretariat, Rajdhnawar, Giridih on and from 18th to 20th March 21 with total participants 151 panchayat leaders. Binni, Secretary cum Director, Nibha Sinha, Team Leader and Preeti Guria, Suhagini Tudu, Field Organizers and Deepa Jagrani Tirkey were play role of Resource Person. During training all land related Laws were discussed e.g. Hindu Succession Act.2005, Saria for Muslim Women and other religious Land rights for women.  It is discussed that land is not only land but its play a very important role in the life of the Single Women. It’s your Identity, Security, Dignity and habitats. Without land once life if incomplete. That is why up till now them not awere and unknown their rights and compel to suffer from much type of atrocities, like sexual harassment, mental torturcher as well as physical abuses. So, it is necessary to enhanced their knowledge and unitedly fight for their rights. If they ignore their land & Property Rights they loose their Identity, Security, Dignity and habitats. In Jharkhand there were 50 types of land identified, But we discuss about Raiti, Government Land Aam and Khas, Khuntkatti, Bakast, Bhuinhari, Kodkar, Rjahans, Keshar Hind and Bhudan. On these types of land briefly discussed and also discuss on the process for landless to how they should demand from their respective Circle Officers for their home or livelihood. With a slogan:       

          Out 100 70 works are our,

         Written our name on Record.

          (Sau Mein Satar Kam Humare,

          Likho Bahi Maein Nam Humare)                                   



                            Women are half of the world,

                               Claimants in Land. 

              (Aadhi duniya Nari Hai, Jamin mein Davedari Hai)


By this slogan and enhanced knowledge with Self reliance, Self confidence completed the training with a song” Tumhara sath Milne se ehsas -e-kuwat aayaa hai”…. Organizing these training successfully with support of local leaders respectively Manju Kunwar, Asha Devi, Sunita Devi, Renu Devi, and Leelawati Devi.   

Land Literacy trainnig.png

18 International Women’s Day: 

As we discussed above that organization organized 3 programmes every in different ways. Reporting year after 1 Billion Rising 2nd one is IWD which celebrated in month of March. We started organizing IWD from 8th March to 17th March 2012 at Block level. Block Coordinators as well as Field Leaders (Organizers) support them in celebration of March past (Rallies) short meetings, Sports with Slogan against violence on Women and Girls. After Completion of the programme a 9 point charted of Demand Prepared by State Committee in which 3 Farmer’s bill 2020 is one of them and it sent to “President of India”. It also sent to Chief Minister through Block Development Officer on the eve of IWD. 9 point charted of Demand were as follows:-              

 i) Benefits of Social Security Pensions, National Family Benefit Scheme, & Chief Minister Kanyadan Scheme also provided to other category of Single Women headed families because hues number of Single Women lack of these benefits in the State.    

ii) Social Security Pensions for All categories of Single Women announced on the name of “Single Women Pension”. It must be increased up to minimum Rs. 3000/ P.M. and it should be linked with D.A. as per Govt. Employees time to time. Payment deposited up to 7th of per month as per direction of Supreme Court. 

iii). As per Direction of Supreme Court all low Income Single Women must be linked with Antyodaya Anna Yojana and provided 35 K.G. grianary. Officials disobey S.C.direction. Provision of Pulses and edible Oil under PDS scheme. 

iv) Prohibited use of Pause machine for PDS distribution system because net problem in rural areas as well as lack of proper thumb impression many elderly Beneficiaries of PDS scheme unable to received ration from PDS shop.   

v). Land less and Homeless Single Women should be provided Land for livelihood and Home. Because more than 9.5 lakhs Acre of Bhudan Land undistributed due to pending of Bhudan Yagyan Committee in Jharkhand. So, as earlier as gazette the Committee recommended by Serve Seva Sangh. So, That Bhudan Land distribution goes ahead.    

vi). Provision for Cast certificates has had to be amended for life time because it should not change but remains same and by birth.

vii). Provision should be made for residential certificate of landless families.

 viii) Provision of Free Higher Education for Single Women and their Children

ix) Govt. allocates Separate Budget for effective Implementation of DVA in Jharkhand.

Internation women day.png

19 Livelihood Promotion: -


As we all known last 2020 whole world affected by Covid-19 and it badly affected middle and marginalized class by losses of any kind of Self Employment or business? Even employment destroyed and people compel back to pavilion. We all witness of these not natural but human made crisis. So, we also promote 19 Single Women by Financial support Rs.10 to 15 thousand. They promote to earn livelihood through their self skill as Cloth selling in daily/weekly market, Bangle selling, Ration Shop, Tailoring, agriculture, Tea stall, Small Refreshment Stalls, Xerox shop, Vegetable Shop  etc. Total Rs. 1, 92,000 with help of  UUAHIP.  

Livelihood Promotion last.png
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